Project – Strengthening Small Schools in Sweden

Wednesday, 20 February was a unique day. It was almost certainly the first time in Sweden as so many units of smartphones, ipads, interactive smart board and large-screenTV’s have been connected with webcams from several different locations in Sweden.
Key persons were 30 teachers from the schools involved in the Swedish project “Small schools in development”.
The project aim is to support the small schools’ efforts to develop new teaching methods related to information technology, and to develop and strengthen the role of schools in the development of the region.
The project’s main goal is a number of well-functioning and efficient pilot schools in remote and rural areas, where each one through a strong network serves as a good example for other schools. Show what is in the way of small schools’ success. Make new pedagogical methods visible and sought after. School and district should strengthen their ties. Affected areas will be strengthened by the school’s participation.