Distributed shareholder meeting

On April 25 2013 Bilfrakt Bothnia AB held a shareholder meeting from Skellefteå in order to reach as many of their associates throughout Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

Bilfrakt had earlier hired Compodium for similar tasks and now got the overall responsibility to handle this inclusive finding suitable premises, equipment, local technicians, actual implementation to catering on four different sites.
The shareholder meeting was successfully carried through where the CEO and board of directors informed all concerned parties at the same time regardless of their physical location.

Fredrik Persson, CEO och Group CEO at Bilfrakt

Fredrik Persson, CEO och Group CEO at Bilfrakt

-”We are very pleased with the tremendous high quality and efficiency of which Compodium actualized the event with”, says Fredrik Persson, CEO och Group CEO at Bilfrakt.
-”We are delighted how effortless the shareholders meeting was implemented for us, but also how much time we saved and how cost effective it was carried out”, continues Fredrik Persson satisfied.

Bilfrakt Bothnia AB
230 associate companies spread out over Northern Sweden
1000 vehicles and machines
1100 co-workers
500 million SEK in turnover

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Hub for remote healthcare

Compodium attends as one of the industrial partners in the project ”Hub for remote healthcare”.
—“As the pioneer in video communication in Sweden with an extensive history in telemedicine, we consider it important to contribute with our experience in this project. Meanwhile, we ourselves gain knowledge about the caregivers’ needs and wishes. This way we can provide better services for an important customer segment” says Bengt Grahn CEO of Compodium International AB.
Major investment in remote healthcare
Utilize the good examples and don’t repeat old mistakes! That is the starting point of the Vinnova project for “Remote Healthcare” which the Innovation Center at the Karolinska University Hospital and the Västerbotten County Council.
Together with 13 partners from industry and academia, they take a common approach to meet the needs of tomorrow’s health care. The project runs for two years with a budget of over 26 million SEK, Vinnova is contributing for 10 million SEK.
The goal is a national central hub to coordinate solutions and best practices. It is expected that the hub will inspire the business to meet health care needs for new products, services and practices. The focus is three categories of remote health care:
Access to Specialist Consultation regardless of the location of the patient
Networking and collaboration to coordinated expertise
Treatment in or near the home while maintaining efficacy and quality
Most remote healthcare projects use video conferencing or transferring data from medical equipment. For such a solution to be successful, the technology must perform with high quality and be easy to use.
With the iterative Hub experience from previous projects new users do not have to repeat old mistakes. The lessons are such that new working procedures places new demands on both health professionals and patients. New procedures also involve planning and accountability, availability, compensation, legal issues and security.
Vitalis 2013
The project was exposed and showed on the Vitalis Fair, the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia, in Gothenburg on 16-18 April 2013. Visit the projects OnDemand webbcast site from the fair at:webbtv.compodium.se/karolinska/vitalis2013/
More information (in Swedish): www.karolinska.se/innovationsplatsen

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