U.S. based Tizbi signs up for Compodium’s virtual meeting services

The U.S. based software development company Tizbi Inc. signs up to use Compodium’s virtual meeting services – Compodium ACCOUNT.

-We intend to use the Compodium services as an addition to our Video Learning Channel, to provide our users the functionality of face-to-face learning, says Alexander Birger – CEO at Tizbi.

He continues to say it is a nice addition to traditional distance education classes, requested by multiple customers. It allows the students who have made certain progress in the self-paced training to add personal training, and to work interactively with subject matter experts to solidify the knowledge.

-This is definitely the direction computerized education is moving today, and Compodium provides a great facility with superb user experience, which is critical in learning markets, he concludes.

About Tizbi
Tizbi leverages over ten years of experience in large scale web site applications and custom software development to provide its customers with reliable, efficient an affordable solutions that resolve a range of business challenges.