Art Clinic

Art Clinic, one of Sweden’s leading specialists clinics, invests in new video technology in order to securely communicate with patients over large distances. This facilitates for patients all over the country to receive an increased availability, especially in the North of Sweden where distances are long.
The patient is offered the possibility to meet with the physician via the Internet using a technology that ensures both high security and good quality. The physician can be at their surgery and the patient can be at home using their smart phone, tablet or computer.
-We open up the possibility for patients to meet specialist doctors even if they live far away, says Ronnie Pettersson, CEO at Art Clinic.
In some cases the patient can take pictures of themselves that can be useful for evaluation during the examination. This means that the patient can be spared a long journey.
For Art Clinic the technology also means that they can reach more patients in a cost efficient manner for expansion all over the country.
The conditions for Art Clinic to use the technology are that it ensures security and integrity as well as high quality video and audio.
The security is high; no-one can hack their way in. And the video quality is high as well, says Ronnie Pettersson.
The video image must be clear enough and the audio well-synchronized to emulate that they are in the same physical room.
Art Clinic subscribes to a virtual meeting service that does not require any specialized hardware. Existing computers, tablets or smartphones can be used, both by the physician and the patient. A software and login credentials are included in the service, supplier of the service is Compodium.

Compodium International AB offers cloud based services for digital meetings, telemedicine, e-health and live events, for instance video broadcasts of surgical procedures. Among their customers we can mention Inera AB, Karolinska University Hospital, Uppsala University Hospital, TDC and the Church of Sweden.
Art Clinic is one of Swedens leading specialists clinics and offers care within several areas like plastic surgery, orthopaedics, back surgery, general surgery and injection and laser treatments. Art Clinic has practises in Gothenburg, Halmstad, Jönköping and Uppsala. They have also agreements with several county councils. To start with Art Clinic offers video consultations with their plastic surgeons in Uppsala.