In Facebook’s footsteps!

Compodium raises availability and reduce environmental impact with new strategic partner.

Compodium, a pioneer within the secure video meeting field, has signed a server co-location contract with Hydro66. Although placing data centers in the northern parts of Sweden isn’t anything unique, Facebook did this as early as 2012.

With sustainability as a foundation for Compodium’s business it was important to choose a partner who offered co-location services using 100% renewable energy. This, and many other reasons is why Hydro66 was chosen as supplier.

With the demand for secure and reliable digital meetings rising globally and with current customer’s such as the UN, Husqvarna and the Swedish Medical Services Compodium are continuously working to stay ahead of the curve, improve service quality and -availability as well as reducing the environmental impact of our services and business.

To learn more, read the press release here