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Art Clinic

Art Clinic, one of Sweden’s leading specialists clinics, invests in new video technology in order to securely communicate with patients over large distances. This facilitates for patients all over the country to receive an increased availability, especially in the North of Sweden where distances are long.
The patient is offered the possibility to meet with the physician via the Internet using a technology that ensures both high security and good quality. The physician can be at their surgery and the patient can be at home using their smart phone, tablet or computer.
-We open up the possibility for patients to meet specialist doctors even if they live far away, says Ronnie Pettersson, CEO at Art Clinic.
In some cases the patient can take pictures of themselves that can be useful for evaluation during the examination. This means that the patient can be spared a long journey.
For Art Clinic the technology also means that they can reach more patients in a cost efficient manner for expansion all over the country.
The conditions for Art Clinic to use the technology are that it ensures security and integrity as well as high quality video and audio.
The security is high; no-one can hack their way in. And the video quality is high as well, says Ronnie Pettersson.
The video image must be clear enough and the audio well-synchronized to emulate that they are in the same physical room.
Art Clinic subscribes to a virtual meeting service that does not require any specialized hardware. Existing computers, tablets or smartphones can be used, both by the physician and the patient. A software and login credentials are included in the service, supplier of the service is Compodium.

Compodium International AB offers cloud based services for digital meetings, telemedicine, e-health and live events, for instance video broadcasts of surgical procedures. Among their customers we can mention Inera AB, Karolinska University Hospital, Uppsala University Hospital, TDC and the Church of Sweden.
Art Clinic is one of Swedens leading specialists clinics and offers care within several areas like plastic surgery, orthopaedics, back surgery, general surgery and injection and laser treatments. Art Clinic has practises in Gothenburg, Halmstad, Jönköping and Uppsala. They have also agreements with several county councils. To start with Art Clinic offers video consultations with their plastic surgeons in Uppsala.

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Compodiums Work From Home Day

May 3rd, on the official Work Form Home Day, Compodium was engaged with the motto “Stay at home but do not miss any important meetings”.
To honor the message of the day a breakfast seminar was broadcasted live regarding the flexible work of life, digital meeting reforms, reduced car travels and how to make a contribution for a better climate.
Participating in the live broadcast were:
Bengt Grahn CEO, Compodium International AB
Peter Arnfalk Project Leader for Travel Free Meetings and REMM (“Resfria möten i myndigheter” – Travel Free Meetings for Authorities), Trafikverket
Johanna Grant President “Gröna Bilister” (Green Automobilist) and climate strategist, ZeroMission
Rikard Linde Program Manager for “Digitala Samhället” (Digital Society), Fores.

They all answered questions and discussed the next step in the development!
How can travel free meetings become more accessible, safer and more reliable?
What have green travels and travel free meetings in common?
How can a flexible work day have positive changes for you and your surroundings, without having to do more?
Watch the broadcast here: webbtv.compodium.se/jobbahemma/ (in Swedish)
Work From Home Day 2016 was arranged by the think tank Fores in cooperation with a number of organizations and companies.
Read more on: jobba-hemma.se (in Swedish)

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Vitalis 2016

When Inera, together with SKL, Socialstyrelsen and eHälsomyndigheten represented at the Vitalis fair earlier this month, Compodium once again was there to document it all. Three days of interesting talks about eHealth issues generated a collection of videos that you can find at webbtv.compodium.se/vitalis2016/ (Most of them are in Swedish).
Three recommended views are;
Ny eHälsovision, men vad händer nu?
(the third video from Tuesday the 5th)
Vård på distans – ett verktyg för effektivare vård
(the third video from Wednesday the 6th)
Smartare äldreomsorg – så tar vi vara på digitaliseringens möjligheter
(the last video from Thursday the 7th)

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Compodium and internationalization

Compodium was invited to talk about their establishment in the U.S. when the trade organizations Swedish Medtech and Swecare arranged a seminar regarding internationalization. During the get-together in Stockholm, which gathered around thirty interested parties, Bengt Grahn, founder and CEO of Compodium, talked about why the American market for telemedicine and online care is interesting.
Olof Helin, the companies Sales Manager, talked about how Compodium’s more than 15 years experience within e-health can be refined and create customer use on new markets.
Björn Nordwall, Compodium co-worker in Chapel Hill North Carolina, participated via video link from the U.S. and testified regarding the challenges with the American legislation within medical technology and the possibilities as a newly established player find shortcuts and and how to gain access to new business.
-Our pioneering achievements within Swedish telemedicine can now bear fruit when the wave of digitisation within online health and medical care reaches the rest of the world. To be active on an international arena opens up huge possibilities for the export of distance spanning services, says Bengt Grahn and mentions the U.S. as the first in a row of upcoming international activities and establishments.

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Telemedical consultation during SADE2016

The interview above was made in Swedish (with English subtitles).

Compodium was responsible for high resolution video conferencing links that were broadcasted live between the seminal hall at hotel Scandic InfraCity in Stockholm and operating rooms both in Gävle and at Karolinska Huddinge hospital during the 33rd SADE course in advanced endoscopy.
Moderator and speaking specialist was chief physician Urban Arnelo who normally works at Huddinge Hospital. Through live links Dr Arnelo could remotely supervise the operating physicians and together with the gathered expertise in the conference venue discuss the ongoing procedures. During the two day conference they alternated between onsite lectures and live video sessions from these operating rooms where a series of procedures in the gall-ducts and pancreas were performed.
The method and the procedures that were shown on the large screen for the gathered audience is called Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). It means that one guides a flexible camera endoscope down via the stomach and into the duodenum on the sedated patient. This can for instance be used for gall stone treatment and to diagnose different types of cancer.
SADE stands for “Scandinavian Association for Digestive Endoscopy” and gathers physicians, nurses, endoscopy assistants and other forms of medical staff to annual conferences and courses in order to exchange experience and teaching. The hostesship is circulated between Denmark, Norway and Sweden and this years meeting was held in Stockholm and gathered over 200 participants.
The ERCP equipment was supplied by Olympus, one of Compodiums partners within medical technology. Compodium used broadcasting equipment from Cisco and Vidyo and all simultaneous connections were made via Compodiums cloud based video services platform.

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Compodium provide video links for live surgical procedures

During the 2015 congress of the European Society for Diseases of the Esophagus (Europeiska sällskapet för sjukdomar i matstrupen) in Stockholm, November 5th – 7th 2015, Compodium was granted the mission to provide technical system and cloud services for live surgical sessions. Video links where connected between the conference venue at Sheraton Hotell, down town in central Stockholm and the two hospitals of Karolinska Huddinge and Ersta. Via the video conference links, the conference delegates where able to follow the ongoing surgical procedures at each hospital when the performing surgeons shared procedures and insights. The delegates from Sheraton could interactively collaborate with comments and questions during the full day session.
The mission was produced in co-operation with Olympus Sweden, one of the major suppliers of medical optical solution to Scandinavian hospitals.
A video coverage can be viewed on Compodiums web TV servers (in Swedish).

About Olympus
Olympus is a worldwide leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology within healthcare. Olympus supply endoscopes, laparoscopes, video and imaging systems, electro-surgical devices, system integration solutions and endotherapy instruments to a majority of healthcare operators in Europe

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National eHealth Day 2015

On October 6, 2015, Compodium were proud to handle the video documentation of the ‘National eHealth Day’ in Stockholm for the sixth year in a row.

More than 80 speakers participated and the halls were packed with over 1000 e-health enthusiast from all over the country, and other parts of the world.

One of the speakers was the Swedish minister of health, Gabriel Wikström, who held the opening keynote.

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ASCOM signs cooperation agreement with Compodium

Swiss telecommunication company ASCOM signs a development agreement with Compodium to develop video conferencing functionality in its new smart phone MYCO.

MYCO (which stands for “MY COmpanion), is specifically designed for communication needs within the health care sector. It is based on the Android operating system and ready for rapid integration with existing systems in the customer health care processes. MYCO also supports third-party applications, and that is where health care video services by Compodium will be the perfect fit.

Stefan Blomén, ASCOM sales manager in Sweden is looking forward to the cooperation with Compodium:

– We see huge value in using MYCO along with Compodium, the video services that’s already established in the health care sector. Now, MYCO users can establish virtual video and audio connections with experts around the clock. With a virtual colleague instantly available the MYCO users are never alone!

For more information, see this video (in Swedish w/ English subtitles) from the launch at the Vitalis Fair in Gothenburg, April 2015.

About Ascom:
Ascom is an international solutions provider with comprehensive know-how in healthcare workflows and telecommunications. The company is active in Wireless Solutions (an international market leader for high-value, customer-specific on-site communication solutions and workflow optimization) and Network Testing (a global market leader in testing, monitoring, post processing, and performance optimization for mobile networks). The Ascom Group is headquartered in Switzerland, has subsidiaries in 19 countries and employs around 1,700 people worldwide. Ascom registered shares (ASCN) are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

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