Hur digital kan vården bli egentligen?

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Låt mig sätta scenen först…Vi har alla pratat med små barn i telefon.
Pappa, pappa titta på dockan!!! Hon kan sitta.
Jaha…mmmm pappa kan inte se det men jag kan titta när jag kommer hem! Ok?
Sådär kan det låta när man pratar med småbarn, av den enkla anledningen att det är naturligt att se den man pratar med.
När telefonen uppfanns var det många som trodde att det skulle bli en flopp. En av invändningarna var just det. Att det skulle vara onaturligt att inte se den man pratade med.
Det finns forskning som visar att ca 70% av den personliga kommunikationen består av minspel, kroppsspråk och röstläge. Tar vi bort 70% av vår potentiella kommunikationsförmåga så blir det som är kvar ganska kommunikations-fattigt.

Nu pratas det, och inte bara pratas faktiskt, om att genomföra vårdmöten med hjälp av s.k AI alltså artificiell intelligens. Vi ska alltså som vårdtagare och sjuka individer fylla i våra åkommor i ett formulär och i bakgrunden avgör en robot vilken diagnos vi har.

Nu pratas det, och inte bara pratas faktiskt, om att genomföra läkarmöten med hjälp av chatt. Vårdgivare (entreprenörer med miljoners miljoner i riskkapital) chattar med flera patienter samtidigt. Ställer frågor och får svar. Man ombeds skicka in en bild tagen med den egna telefonen och till slut får man en diagnos. Jag kan förstå att det är effektivt. Flera patienter samtidigt, dom flesta har säkert virus eller annan vanlig åkomma.

Jag är tveksam… När vi tar bort den mänskliga kommunikationen inom vården så tror jag man som läkare missar en hel del parametrar som borde varit med i bedömningen av patienten.

Men, om man måste prioritera sin tid, vara rädd om miljön och samtidigt behålla sin komunikativa förmåga är väl videomötet ändå överlägset effektivast, även om det förstås inte kan ersätta det personliga mötet fullt ut eftersom man inte kan kramas och bjuda på bullar. Men vem vill å andra sidan krama sin doktor?

Att mötas via chatt, e-post eller rörpost är väl nästan lika bökigt som att köra med brevduvor och knappast ett alternativ för vårdkontakt.

Sen när det visat sig att dockan kunde sitta i microvågsugnen inser man videomötets välsignelse…åk

Jon Strindlund
Compodium International AB

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Houston, we have a problem.

How technology from Compodium in Sweden made a difference during the Harvey disaster.

Live at Compodium Business Studio October 18 at 15:00 to 16:00 (3pm-4pm UTC+1)
See the broadcast here:

Compodium Business Studio

Andrew Nerlinger, (MD) Emergency Medicine Specialist, Texas.

Troy Campbell

Troy Campbell, musician and founder of ”House of songs”, Texas.

Lori and David Balch, experts on telemedicine and ”Disaster Medicine specialists”, Texas.

And not pictured:
Patric Beermann, Intus, Jönköping
Bengt Grahn, Compodium, Luleå.

Local audience is welcome to attend the event at: Compodium, Västra Varvsgatan 31, 7 tr, Luleå, Sweden

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Meet our expanding support team.

We’re happy to introduce you to two new members of our Compodium support team.

Patrik Rutqvist (left) has senior experience in the field of video conferencing as he comes straight from the Norrbotten county council where he has been responsible for their video based  telemedicine services for more than 14 years.

He brings extensive skills in managing of our video conferencing infrastructure and endpoint support with Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft and Vidyo.

Caj Hedlund (right) brings 7 years of skills with video conferencing support from his earlier positions at Interoute and Office Management. He contributes to our top level support performance by his knowledge in end customer service, and holds certifications with Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo, Microsoft and others.

We welcome Patrik and Caj to our team looking forward to many years of solving all kinds of issues together for keeping up a world class digital meeting experience!

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Compodiums Work From Home Day

May 3rd, on the official Work Form Home Day, Compodium was engaged with the motto “Stay at home but do not miss any important meetings”.
To honor the message of the day a breakfast seminar was broadcasted live regarding the flexible work of life, digital meeting reforms, reduced car travels and how to make a contribution for a better climate.
Participating in the live broadcast were:
Bengt Grahn CEO, Compodium International AB
Peter Arnfalk Project Leader for Travel Free Meetings and REMM (“Resfria möten i myndigheter” – Travel Free Meetings for Authorities), Trafikverket
Johanna Grant President “Gröna Bilister” (Green Automobilist) and climate strategist, ZeroMission
Rikard Linde Program Manager for “Digitala Samhället” (Digital Society), Fores.

They all answered questions and discussed the next step in the development!
How can travel free meetings become more accessible, safer and more reliable?
What have green travels and travel free meetings in common?
How can a flexible work day have positive changes for you and your surroundings, without having to do more?
Watch the broadcast here: (in Swedish)
Work From Home Day 2016 was arranged by the think tank Fores in cooperation with a number of organizations and companies.
Read more on: (in Swedish)

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Vitalis 2016

When Inera, together with SKL, Socialstyrelsen and eHälsomyndigheten represented at the Vitalis fair earlier this month, Compodium once again was there to document it all. Three days of interesting talks about eHealth issues generated a collection of videos that you can find at (Most of them are in Swedish).
Three recommended views are;
Ny eHälsovision, men vad händer nu?
(the third video from Tuesday the 5th)
Vård på distans – ett verktyg för effektivare vård
(the third video from Wednesday the 6th)
Smartare äldreomsorg – så tar vi vara på digitaliseringens möjligheter
(the last video from Thursday the 7th)

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Remote lecture on Social Investments

Compodium recently managed a remote lecture during a county seminar at Sunderby Folkhögskola, where Robert Jonsson Ph.D. in Economics from Linköping University, remotely held a lecture on Organisation and Control of Social Investments from Linköping.

The seminar was done in co-operation between the Municipalities Federation of Norrbotten and the municipalities of Gällivare, Piteå and Luleå. The target audience was politicians, executive directors, economists and other interested parties.

-This was the second time in a short time that we successfully used Compodium’s services, says Barbro Müller, peoples health strategist at Luleå municipality.

-All in all we are very happy with these services, she continues.

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Compodium moderates and broadcasts Ineras conference on virtual care and meetings

Inera and responsible organizers at Uppsala University Hospital is arranging an information day regarding virtual care and meetings Thursday October 16.

Compodium is taking care of the broadcast from the event via our Web TV server between 09:00 and 15:45. There will also be recordings available afterwards.

Bengt Grahn, CEO at Compodium, will moderate the event.

More information can be found on Ineras web site.

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Live surgery in Almedalen

Almedalen, the unique politicians week

The 2014 activities in Almedalen draws a record crowd. In front of a packed remote seminar audience representatives from the Karolinska University Hospital and the County Council of Västerbotten told about their experiences of distance medical care and how telemedicine and e-health contributes to higher efficiency, lower costs and a better care for patients, both within rural and metropolitan areas. During the seminar Compodium assisted with quality assurance of connections and video technology from the live surgery performed at Huddinge Hospital.

-Everything worked perfectly and the audience got to see an impressive display in practical telemedicine at it’s best, says Thomas Molén, strategist within distance care at the County Council of Västerbotten.

The unique Almedalen week: The Almedals week has been held on the island of Gotland in over forty years. It all started in 1968 when the then Education Minister Olof Palme spoke from a truck at the gunpowder tower in Almedalen.

The early years of political speech has evolved to become the largest political meeting place, with participants from all political parties and corporate Sweden. Through democracy and openness this is the week everyone want to debate political platforms and social issues. The openness and accessibility during Almedals week is unique both for Sweden and the world. All events during the week are free and open to everyone.

The political parties in Parliament are the core of Almedals Week. Their participation in seminars, press conferences and speeches from Almedalen form the foundation of the week, but other events are just as important.

Illustration: In upper left corner of the picture we can see the audience, the operating room at Huddinge Hospital is below that and specialist doctor Urban Arnelo giving support to the medical team in the operating room via video link is located in the upper right corner as well as a clinical live video feed of both X-ray and endoscopy (in the lower part of the screen shot).

Information: The ERCP procedure (Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography) that was demonstrated is an effective and merciful examination method where a narrow and maneuverable tube (an endoscope) is inserted via the mouth down to the stomach and duodenum. This examination method is mostly used for investigation purposes but also in order to remove gallstones as well as to enlarge suppressed ducts

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