Compodium Business Studio: Norrbotten – Barcelona

TUESDAY MARCH 6, 2018 From 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Do you want to expand your business network and know more about why to invest in Northern Sweden (Norrbotten), one of Northern Europe’s strongest regions?

Save the date for the first web seminar organized by the Swedish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and Compodium International. Participants from Norrbotten and Barcelona will share interesting presentation about the business sector, the Region’s economy and the possibilities of investment and cooperation between the two Regions. The seminar will be held in English.

Follow the seminar online with start 3 p.m. March 6th 2018.

Live Broadcast
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Compodium provide video links for live surgical procedures

During the 2015 congress of the European Society for Diseases of the Esophagus (Europeiska sällskapet för sjukdomar i matstrupen) in Stockholm, November 5th – 7th 2015, Compodium was granted the mission to provide technical system and cloud services for live surgical sessions. Video links where connected between the conference venue at Sheraton Hotell, down town in central Stockholm and the two hospitals of Karolinska Huddinge and Ersta. Via the video conference links, the conference delegates where able to follow the ongoing surgical procedures at each hospital when the performing surgeons shared procedures and insights. The delegates from Sheraton could interactively collaborate with comments and questions during the full day session.
The mission was produced in co-operation with Olympus Sweden, one of the major suppliers of medical optical solution to Scandinavian hospitals.
A video coverage can be viewed on Compodiums web TV servers (in Swedish).

About Olympus
Olympus is a worldwide leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology within healthcare. Olympus supply endoscopes, laparoscopes, video and imaging systems, electro-surgical devices, system integration solutions and endotherapy instruments to a majority of healthcare operators in Europe

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Annual meeting with remote participation from Australia

Last week, during the annual meeting within the Swedish section of the National Healthy Cities Network they wanted Professor Evelyne de Leeuw from La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia to remotely hold a lecture and participate in a discussion afterwards.

Compodium took full responsibility for this and placed a video conferencing equipment in the conference hall of ‘Kulturens Hus’ in down-town Luleå. Dr de Leeuw used Compodium’s virtual meeting software client and was able to successfully attend the conference from her home and also took also part in a highly appreciated discussion after the actual lecture.

– Compodium made it possible for us to view professor de Leeuw’s lecture from a warm 32C Melbourne, says Barbro Müller – peoples health strategist at the Luleå municipality, and the discussion with her after the actual presentation was also highly appreciated, she continues.

– And I did not need to consider any of the technical concerns, Compodium took full responsibility for everything and it all worked perfectly!

About the National Healthy Cities Network
Healthy Cities Sweden is part of the global WHO project Healthy Cities which engages local governments in health development through a process of political commitment, institutional change, capacity-building, partnership-based planning and innovative projects. About 90 cities are members of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network, and 30 national Healthy Cities networks across the WHO European Region have more than 1 400 cities and towns as members.

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Compodium moderates and broadcasts Ineras conference on virtual care and meetings

Inera and responsible organizers at Uppsala University Hospital is arranging an information day regarding virtual care and meetings Thursday October 16.

Compodium is taking care of the broadcast from the event via our Web TV server between 09:00 and 15:45. There will also be recordings available afterwards.

Bengt Grahn, CEO at Compodium, will moderate the event.

More information can be found on Ineras web site.

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The National E-health Day 2013

Compodium has once again received the trust to handle video filming, editing and reruns from this years National eHealth Day at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm Sweden. More than 900 e-health enthusiast from all over the country were present to take part of the large conference programme.

About ten of the most well-attended seminars are now availble at

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X-border Art Biennial 2013 has ended

X-border Art Biennial 2013 has ended, the worlds most Northern international art biennial, which has allowed artists to explore and illustrate issues like borders, identities, cultural diversity and knowledge.

Compodium has during the spring, summer and autumn carried out video communication, recordings and reruns from the three locations, Luleå Sweden, Finnish Rovaniemi and Severomorsk in Russia.

The individual art galleries could see and interact with visitors in the other locations, one could also visit the exhibitions virtually and participate in discussions with both the artists and other visitors as well as follow guided tours being held locally. During these the guide carried a tablet computer and the remote visitors could follow the tours via its built-in web camera and microphone.

Both artists and visitors has also been able to successfully participate in different work shops and spontaneous discussions, all using the virtual meeting services from Compodium.

Press conference June 10
“Artists talk” June 18
Opening Ceremony June 19

X-border Art Biennial
A joint project between the University of Lappland in Rovaniemi Finland, the Centre for socio cultural technologies in Sevoromorsk Russia and Luleå Art Biennial & the Kilen Art Group in Luleå Sweden. The biennial is a part of New Horizon lead by the Norrbotten County Council.

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Distributed shareholder meeting

On April 25 2013 Bilfrakt Bothnia AB held a shareholder meeting from Skellefteå in order to reach as many of their associates throughout Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

Bilfrakt had earlier hired Compodium for similar tasks and now got the overall responsibility to handle this inclusive finding suitable premises, equipment, local technicians, actual implementation to catering on four different sites.
The shareholder meeting was successfully carried through where the CEO and board of directors informed all concerned parties at the same time regardless of their physical location.

Fredrik Persson, CEO och Group CEO at Bilfrakt

Fredrik Persson, CEO och Group CEO at Bilfrakt

-”We are very pleased with the tremendous high quality and efficiency of which Compodium actualized the event with”, says Fredrik Persson, CEO och Group CEO at Bilfrakt.
-”We are delighted how effortless the shareholders meeting was implemented for us, but also how much time we saved and how cost effective it was carried out”, continues Fredrik Persson satisfied.

Bilfrakt Bothnia AB
230 associate companies spread out over Northern Sweden
1000 vehicles and machines
1100 co-workers
500 million SEK in turnover

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Seminar as a distributed event – one million swedish kronor saved

—I have calculated that we saved a million Swedish kronor, says Sven Hyllienmark, project manager at the National Psychiatric centers in Västerbotten. He got hold of a star lecturer at Skellefteå, wanted the lecture to reach more people including those working in Lapland. But to let every one travel to the lecture would be too expensive.
The solution was to let Compodium arrange a distributed event of the entire lecture. This allowed an additional 50 employees to take part of the star lecturer.
—This is well worth repeating, says Sven Hyllienmark who is very pleased with the results. Fifty instead of five makes a big difference. When he brings out the calculator and checks he thinks it would have costed about a million swedish kronor to take all to Skelleftea – travel cost, travel time and labor time included. Now it was much cheaper.
In a theater in Lycksele an audience could see and interact with the lecturer. The seminar was also received via broadband to two locations in Umeå.

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