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Meet our expanding support team.

We’re happy to introduce you to two new members of our Compodium support team.

Patrik Rutqvist (left) has senior experience in the field of video conferencing as he comes straight from the Norrbotten county council where he has been responsible for their video based  telemedicine services for more than 14 years.

He brings extensive skills in managing of our video conferencing infrastructure and endpoint support with Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft and Vidyo.

Caj Hedlund (right) brings 7 years of skills with video conferencing support from his earlier positions at Interoute and Office Management. He contributes to our top level support performance by his knowledge in end customer service, and holds certifications with Cisco, Polycom, Vidyo, Microsoft and others.

We welcome Patrik and Caj to our team looking forward to many years of solving all kinds of issues together for keeping up a world class digital meeting experience!

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Compodium provide resources for hurricane Harvey recovery

Jon Strindlund

Jon Strindlund

“What we do is to set up a disaster relief service that the authorities will then refer to for different meetings. We have done similar things in Sweden earlier with, among other things, the Armed Forces who can work together to quickly rescue and assess the extent of injuries. In Texas, we have received a request from the hospitals.” says Jon Strindlund, Head of International Markets at Compodium.

Compodium has had a subsidiary in the United States since 2013. One of the US subsidiary’s customers is the Texas-based company Vesalius Ventures with interests in online care. The request came from the Vesalius team Andrew Nerlinger, Lori and David Balch who are now coordinating disaster relief, David and Lori are pioneers in Telemedicine and have extensive experience in “Disaster Medicine” and coordinating disaster relief. They are now engaged in the work to quickly build resources to help with the work to support care in the disaster-stricken Texas. As they already use Compodium’s services, they now want to enable additional resources to coordinate different relief efforts.

Read more at DI-Digital (Swedish)

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Compodiums Work From Home Day

May 3rd, on the official Work Form Home Day, Compodium was engaged with the motto “Stay at home but do not miss any important meetings”.
To honor the message of the day a breakfast seminar was broadcasted live regarding the flexible work of life, digital meeting reforms, reduced car travels and how to make a contribution for a better climate.
Participating in the live broadcast were:
Bengt Grahn CEO, Compodium International AB
Peter Arnfalk Project Leader for Travel Free Meetings and REMM (“Resfria möten i myndigheter” – Travel Free Meetings for Authorities), Trafikverket
Johanna Grant President “Gröna Bilister” (Green Automobilist) and climate strategist, ZeroMission
Rikard Linde Program Manager for “Digitala Samhället” (Digital Society), Fores.

They all answered questions and discussed the next step in the development!
How can travel free meetings become more accessible, safer and more reliable?
What have green travels and travel free meetings in common?
How can a flexible work day have positive changes for you and your surroundings, without having to do more?
Watch the broadcast here: webbtv.compodium.se/jobbahemma/ (in Swedish)
Work From Home Day 2016 was arranged by the think tank Fores in cooperation with a number of organizations and companies.
Read more on: jobba-hemma.se (in Swedish)

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Telemedical consultation during SADE2016

The interview above was made in Swedish (with English subtitles).

Compodium was responsible for high resolution video conferencing links that were broadcasted live between the seminal hall at hotel Scandic InfraCity in Stockholm and operating rooms both in Gävle and at Karolinska Huddinge hospital during the 33rd SADE course in advanced endoscopy.
Moderator and speaking specialist was chief physician Urban Arnelo who normally works at Huddinge Hospital. Through live links Dr Arnelo could remotely supervise the operating physicians and together with the gathered expertise in the conference venue discuss the ongoing procedures. During the two day conference they alternated between onsite lectures and live video sessions from these operating rooms where a series of procedures in the gall-ducts and pancreas were performed.
The method and the procedures that were shown on the large screen for the gathered audience is called Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). It means that one guides a flexible camera endoscope down via the stomach and into the duodenum on the sedated patient. This can for instance be used for gall stone treatment and to diagnose different types of cancer.
SADE stands for “Scandinavian Association for Digestive Endoscopy” and gathers physicians, nurses, endoscopy assistants and other forms of medical staff to annual conferences and courses in order to exchange experience and teaching. The hostesship is circulated between Denmark, Norway and Sweden and this years meeting was held in Stockholm and gathered over 200 participants.
The ERCP equipment was supplied by Olympus, one of Compodiums partners within medical technology. Compodium used broadcasting equipment from Cisco and Vidyo and all simultaneous connections were made via Compodiums cloud based video services platform.

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Compodium provide video links for live surgical procedures

During the 2015 congress of the European Society for Diseases of the Esophagus (Europeiska sällskapet för sjukdomar i matstrupen) in Stockholm, November 5th – 7th 2015, Compodium was granted the mission to provide technical system and cloud services for live surgical sessions. Video links where connected between the conference venue at Sheraton Hotell, down town in central Stockholm and the two hospitals of Karolinska Huddinge and Ersta. Via the video conference links, the conference delegates where able to follow the ongoing surgical procedures at each hospital when the performing surgeons shared procedures and insights. The delegates from Sheraton could interactively collaborate with comments and questions during the full day session.
The mission was produced in co-operation with Olympus Sweden, one of the major suppliers of medical optical solution to Scandinavian hospitals.
A video coverage can be viewed on Compodiums web TV servers (in Swedish).

About Olympus
Olympus is a worldwide leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology within healthcare. Olympus supply endoscopes, laparoscopes, video and imaging systems, electro-surgical devices, system integration solutions and endotherapy instruments to a majority of healthcare operators in Europe

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National eHealth Day 2015

On October 6, 2015, Compodium were proud to handle the video documentation of the ‘National eHealth Day’ in Stockholm for the sixth year in a row.

More than 80 speakers participated and the halls were packed with over 1000 e-health enthusiast from all over the country, and other parts of the world.

One of the speakers was the Swedish minister of health, Gabriel Wikström, who held the opening keynote.

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Innovative technologies for the emergency care of the future

Compodium participates in the Vinnova-supported project “Innovative technologies for the emergency care of the future”. This multi-year project, led by Region Skåne, will develop methods and interactive technology to enable early assessment of an accident already at the accident site, as well as remote expert support directly to the following ambulance transports. One area to be specifically studied is the possibility for remote expert support in the assessment and early treatment of stroke patients.

The result of the project is expected to be substantial savings for healthcare providers much improved quality of life for patients.

Project participants from the County Council and academia:
The Prehospital Unit of Region Skåne, Emergency ward and IT/MT Services, Skåne University Hospital, The Primary Health Care Clinic in Hässleholm , the Ambulance Services in the greater Stockholm AB , the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.
Project participants from the business community:
Compodium, Axis, Saab, Falck, Standby, Franz Mille Solution, HiQ, Preventia, etc.

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Video on SJUNET get support for Lync

Compodium has been awarded a contract to expand the current “National Multiparty” service to include seamless connectivity between traditional video conferencing services and Lync.

Compodium operates since many years national video services on SJUNET, the internal IT infrastructure used by Swedish healthcare providers. The use of video in the care is increasing rapidly every year and a number of county councils are now introducing Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business) for administrative videoconferencing between employees. However, the video technology behind Lync is not compatible with existing video conferencing systems being used for video meetings and telemedicine. As a result Compodium has upgraded the “National Multiparty” service for efficient interconnectivity between relevant video systems. The solution is since the middle of June in service and available for all SJUNET users.

The contract was awarded to Compodium by Inera AB, a company jointly owned by all the county councils and regions in Sweden. Inera is currently responsible for some 50 national projects and services within national health care and is providing support to all county councils and regions in their ambition to integrate defined services into the regular operations.

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