Finansinspektionen extends agreement with Compodium

Finansinspektionen, Sweden’s financial supervisory authority, extends it’s agreement with Compodium in regards to webTV productions for an additional year. The purpose with FI’s webTV investment is to increase the availability and to enable for a larger audience to follow press conferences, seminars and other public events.

Finansinspektionen can in this manner reach financial companies, authorities, universities and the general public enabling them to take part in live broadcasts and via the possibility to watch them afterwards.

About Finansinspektionen:
Finansinspektionen is Sweden’s financial supervisory authority. Their role is to promote stability and efficiency in the financial system as well as to ensure an effective consumer protection. They authorise, supervise and monitor all companies operating in Swedish financial markets. Finansinspektionen is accountable to the Ministry of Finance.

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Remote lecture on Social Investments

Compodium recently managed a remote lecture during a county seminar at Sunderby Folkhögskola, where Robert Jonsson Ph.D. in Economics from Linköping University, remotely held a lecture on Organisation and Control of Social Investments from Linköping.

The seminar was done in co-operation between the Municipalities Federation of Norrbotten and the municipalities of Gällivare, Piteå and Luleå. The target audience was politicians, executive directors, economists and other interested parties.

-This was the second time in a short time that we successfully used Compodium’s services, says Barbro Müller, peoples health strategist at Luleå municipality.

-All in all we are very happy with these services, she continues.

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Annual meeting with remote participation from Australia

Last week, during the annual meeting within the Swedish section of the National Healthy Cities Network they wanted Professor Evelyne de Leeuw from La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia to remotely hold a lecture and participate in a discussion afterwards.

Compodium took full responsibility for this and placed a video conferencing equipment in the conference hall of ‘Kulturens Hus’ in down-town Luleå. Dr de Leeuw used Compodium’s virtual meeting software client and was able to successfully attend the conference from her home and also took also part in a highly appreciated discussion after the actual lecture.

– Compodium made it possible for us to view professor de Leeuw’s lecture from a warm 32C Melbourne, says Barbro Müller – peoples health strategist at the Luleå municipality, and the discussion with her after the actual presentation was also highly appreciated, she continues.

– And I did not need to consider any of the technical concerns, Compodium took full responsibility for everything and it all worked perfectly!

About the National Healthy Cities Network
Healthy Cities Sweden is part of the global WHO project Healthy Cities which engages local governments in health development through a process of political commitment, institutional change, capacity-building, partnership-based planning and innovative projects. About 90 cities are members of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network, and 30 national Healthy Cities networks across the WHO European Region have more than 1 400 cities and towns as members.

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Inera AB extends video management agreement with Compodium

Inera AB (the joint coordinator for e-health work in the county councils and regions) signs an extension agreement for 2015 with Compodium that covers continued management of the nation wide video services on Sjunet (the internal health care computer network).
Compodium’s video services are provided to all health care providers and suppliers that frequent Sjunet and are being used for administrative meetings, clinical telemedicine, home nursing and education.
The usage of video conferences and virtual meetings within the health care system are increasing with more than 20% annually and has developed from being a test and pilote operation to be an integrated part of the health care providers patient care.
Meeting services from Compodium are based upon the very latest mobile video technology wich makes it possible to leave the fixed video conferencing rooms and meet using smart phones, tablets and computers.
The heath care can now meet and treat patients in their homes and the patients relatives can, no matter where they live, be engaged and the the health care can be performed efficiently and with increased quality.
Compodium, a pioneer in Video meetings since 1997, has it’s headquarter in Luleå Sweden and sales offices in Stockholm Sweden and in North Carolina, USA.

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The County Council of Västernorrland meets in great numbers

The County Council of Västernorrland orders innovative multi-party service from Compodium.

The County Council experiences a growing trust and maturity to use travel-free meetings and virtual meeting services, both for administrative meetings, clinical telemedical purposes to different e-health applications. The need for cooperation between different geographical locations and meetings with many party’s has meant that they have out-grown their existing IT platform for multi-party meetings. New needs for mobile video communication also arises, for instance for patient care in the home, flexible home work stations or video meetings in the field.

– Compodium’s video services fulfills all of these varied needs in an innovative and robust way and we are happy to be able to aid the county council with efficient, environmentally sustainable and exceedingly cost effective video meetings solutions, says Bengt Grahn, CEO at Compodium.

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Compodium supports Global Resilience System’s fight against Ebola

Compodium are pleased to give virtual meeting support to the Global Resillience System’s fight against Ebola and their efforts in creating resilliance systems world wide. The Global Resillience Systems are focused on protecting and improving health by creating viable ecosystems in concerned areas.

At the moment there is a huge need to more effectively administer resources in West Africa to stop the spread of Ebola.

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U.S. based Tizbi signs up for Compodium’s virtual meeting services

The U.S. based software development company Tizbi Inc. signs up to use Compodium’s virtual meeting services – Compodium ACCOUNT.

-We intend to use the Compodium services as an addition to our Video Learning Channel, to provide our users the functionality of face-to-face learning, says Alexander Birger – CEO at Tizbi.

He continues to say it is a nice addition to traditional distance education classes, requested by multiple customers. It allows the students who have made certain progress in the self-paced training to add personal training, and to work interactively with subject matter experts to solidify the knowledge.

-This is definitely the direction computerized education is moving today, and Compodium provides a great facility with superb user experience, which is critical in learning markets, he concludes.

About Tizbi
Tizbi leverages over ten years of experience in large scale web site applications and custom software development to provide its customers with reliable, efficient an affordable solutions that resolve a range of business challenges.

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Live surgery in Almedalen

Almedalen, the unique politicians week

The 2014 activities in Almedalen draws a record crowd. In front of a packed remote seminar audience representatives from the Karolinska University Hospital and the County Council of Västerbotten told about their experiences of distance medical care and how telemedicine and e-health contributes to higher efficiency, lower costs and a better care for patients, both within rural and metropolitan areas. During the seminar Compodium assisted with quality assurance of connections and video technology from the live surgery performed at Huddinge Hospital.

-Everything worked perfectly and the audience got to see an impressive display in practical telemedicine at it’s best, says Thomas Molén, strategist within distance care at the County Council of Västerbotten.

The unique Almedalen week: The Almedals week has been held on the island of Gotland in over forty years. It all started in 1968 when the then Education Minister Olof Palme spoke from a truck at the gunpowder tower in Almedalen.

The early years of political speech has evolved to become the largest political meeting place, with participants from all political parties and corporate Sweden. Through democracy and openness this is the week everyone want to debate political platforms and social issues. The openness and accessibility during Almedals week is unique both for Sweden and the world. All events during the week are free and open to everyone.

The political parties in Parliament are the core of Almedals Week. Their participation in seminars, press conferences and speeches from Almedalen form the foundation of the week, but other events are just as important.

Illustration: In upper left corner of the picture we can see the audience, the operating room at Huddinge Hospital is below that and specialist doctor Urban Arnelo giving support to the medical team in the operating room via video link is located in the upper right corner as well as a clinical live video feed of both X-ray and endoscopy (in the lower part of the screen shot).

Information: The ERCP procedure (Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography) that was demonstrated is an effective and merciful examination method where a narrow and maneuverable tube (an endoscope) is inserted via the mouth down to the stomach and duodenum. This examination method is mostly used for investigation purposes but also in order to remove gallstones as well as to enlarge suppressed ducts

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