The County Council of Västernorrland meets in great numbers

The County Council of Västernorrland orders innovative multi-party service from Compodium.

The County Council experiences a growing trust and maturity to use travel-free meetings and virtual meeting services, both for administrative meetings, clinical telemedical purposes to different e-health applications. The need for cooperation between different geographical locations and meetings with many party’s has meant that they have out-grown their existing IT platform for multi-party meetings. New needs for mobile video communication also arises, for instance for patient care in the home, flexible home work stations or video meetings in the field.

– Compodium’s video services fulfills all of these varied needs in an innovative and robust way and we are happy to be able to aid the county council with efficient, environmentally sustainable and exceedingly cost effective video meetings solutions, says Bengt Grahn, CEO at Compodium.

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Compodium moderates and broadcasts Ineras conference on virtual care and meetings

Inera and responsible organizers at Uppsala University Hospital is arranging an information day regarding virtual care and meetings Thursday October 16.

Compodium is taking care of the broadcast from the event via our Web TV server between 09:00 and 15:45. There will also be recordings available afterwards.

Bengt Grahn, CEO at Compodium, will moderate the event.

More information can be found on Ineras web site.

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Live surgery in Almedalen

Almedalen, the unique politicians week

The 2014 activities in Almedalen draws a record crowd. In front of a packed remote seminar audience representatives from the Karolinska University Hospital and the County Council of Västerbotten told about their experiences of distance medical care and how telemedicine and e-health contributes to higher efficiency, lower costs and a better care for patients, both within rural and metropolitan areas. During the seminar Compodium assisted with quality assurance of connections and video technology from the live surgery performed at Huddinge Hospital.

-Everything worked perfectly and the audience got to see an impressive display in practical telemedicine at it’s best, says Thomas Molén, strategist within distance care at the County Council of Västerbotten.

The unique Almedalen week: The Almedals week has been held on the island of Gotland in over forty years. It all started in 1968 when the then Education Minister Olof Palme spoke from a truck at the gunpowder tower in Almedalen.

The early years of political speech has evolved to become the largest political meeting place, with participants from all political parties and corporate Sweden. Through democracy and openness this is the week everyone want to debate political platforms and social issues. The openness and accessibility during Almedals week is unique both for Sweden and the world. All events during the week are free and open to everyone.

The political parties in Parliament are the core of Almedals Week. Their participation in seminars, press conferences and speeches from Almedalen form the foundation of the week, but other events are just as important.

Illustration: In upper left corner of the picture we can see the audience, the operating room at Huddinge Hospital is below that and specialist doctor Urban Arnelo giving support to the medical team in the operating room via video link is located in the upper right corner as well as a clinical live video feed of both X-ray and endoscopy (in the lower part of the screen shot).

Information: The ERCP procedure (Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography) that was demonstrated is an effective and merciful examination method where a narrow and maneuverable tube (an endoscope) is inserted via the mouth down to the stomach and duodenum. This examination method is mostly used for investigation purposes but also in order to remove gallstones as well as to enlarge suppressed ducts

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The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority extends contract with Compodium

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, ‘Finansinspektionen’ (FI), extends their contract with Compodium in regards to webTV productions of press conferences and web seminars. The purpose of FI’s webTV investment is to enable for a larger audience to take part of for instance press conferences where the number of physical participants is limited.

There is a large interest to take part of both the live broadcasts as well as the possibility to watch these afterwards both from financial companies, authorities, universities and the general public.

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Video in healthcare

Today Compodium held the second part of this years seminar series on pratical usage of video conferencing, title Video in helthcare. The recording can be watched on (in Swedish).

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Video in healthcare: from prototype to national success story

Compodium now continues this years seminar series in regards to practical usage of video conferencing.
Thursday April 10 at 09:00 (9 AM), and for about an hour onwards.
We visit the county council of Jönköping, Sweden, where guests from surgery and logopedics will participate and give evidence on how their usage of video within the healthcare system has become an unsurpassed success story.
You can easily follow the live broadcast (in Swedish) on between 09:00 until 10:00 (9 AM until 10 AM local Swedish time). Afterwards we will publish a recording on the same web site.

If you would like to participate actively you should apply via e-mail in advance on as we only have a limited number of spaces for video conference participants.
And after that?
We will run the next part in this series on June 12, again at same time 9:00 (9 AM local Swedish time).

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The National E-health Day 2013

Compodium has once again received the trust to handle video filming, editing and reruns from this years National eHealth Day at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm Sweden. More than 900 e-health enthusiast from all over the country were present to take part of the large conference programme.

About ten of the most well-attended seminars are now availble at

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X-border Art Biennial 2013 has ended

X-border Art Biennial 2013 has ended, the worlds most Northern international art biennial, which has allowed artists to explore and illustrate issues like borders, identities, cultural diversity and knowledge.

Compodium has during the spring, summer and autumn carried out video communication, recordings and reruns from the three locations, Luleå Sweden, Finnish Rovaniemi and Severomorsk in Russia.

The individual art galleries could see and interact with visitors in the other locations, one could also visit the exhibitions virtually and participate in discussions with both the artists and other visitors as well as follow guided tours being held locally. During these the guide carried a tablet computer and the remote visitors could follow the tours via its built-in web camera and microphone.

Both artists and visitors has also been able to successfully participate in different work shops and spontaneous discussions, all using the virtual meeting services from Compodium.

Press conference June 10
“Artists talk” June 18
Opening Ceremony June 19

X-border Art Biennial
A joint project between the University of Lappland in Rovaniemi Finland, the Centre for socio cultural technologies in Sevoromorsk Russia and Luleå Art Biennial & the Kilen Art Group in Luleå Sweden. The biennial is a part of New Horizon lead by the Norrbotten County Council.

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