Compodium was invited to talk about their establishment in the U.S. when the trade organizations Swedish Medtech and Swecare arranged a seminar regarding internationalization. During the get-together in Stockholm, which gathered around thirty interested parties, Bengt Grahn, founder and CEO of Compodium, talked about why the American market for telemedicine and online care is interesting.
Olof Helin, the companies Sales Manager, talked about how Compodium’s more than 15 years experience within e-health can be refined and create customer use on new markets.
Björn Nordwall, Compodium co-worker in Chapel Hill North Carolina, participated via video link from the U.S. and testified regarding the challenges with the American legislation within medical technology and the possibilities as a newly established player find shortcuts and and how to gain access to new business.
-Our pioneering achievements within Swedish telemedicine can now bear fruit when the wave of digitisation within online health and medical care reaches the rest of the world. To be active on an international arena opens up huge possibilities for the export of distance spanning services, says Bengt Grahn and mentions the U.S. as the first in a row of upcoming international activities and establishments.