Compodium is pleased to announce the opening of our US office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Chapel Hill is part of Research Triangle Park (RTP) which has two well-known Medical Universities, Duke University and University of North Carolina, (UNC). RTP is also known for it life science and medical device industry. Our wholly owned subsidiary ComPodium Inc. is managed by our President Bjorn Nordwall, a senior executive with global experience in key industry paradigm shifts, such as the mobile internet and mobile health care. Bjorn has 30+ years of experience from global 500 organizations as well as emerging companies in key market arenas.
The US market is of special interest because of the changes brought on by “The Affordable Healthcare Act” one piece of the act aims at moving towards pay for performance rather than transaction. Creating Accountable Care Organizations to improve quality and get better efficiency where communications and visual collaboration will play an important role.
—“The US market is very competitive and expensive to enter, however we feel that we can leverage the experience we have managing the visual collaboration and virtual meetings for the Swedish healthcare. The market is huge with no established market leader in the healthcare space and it is therefore an important market for us” Bengt Grahn CEO Compodium International AB.
—“As the US healthcare industry is fragmented with several stakeholders and on top of that in a stage of change. We have an excellent opportunity to get recognition as a thought leader using our virtual meeting platform to connect old legacy technology with the plethora of mobile devices that are expected to be used in the healthcare system. The mobile devices have an opportunity to connect the doctors with their patients creating better communication and efficiencies in the system.” Bjorn Nordwall President Compodium Inc