Compodium International has 400 digital hospital rooms in use all over Sweden, with more than 1,200 hours of video meetings every day. The picture and sound of these video meetings are always the highest quality, and the encryption used provides the highest level of security that’s impossible to intercept. Compodium video conferencing is also used for real-time operations that can help save lives.

–    Operations with remote medical expert support will continue grow substantially in the future. We know that Compodium secure video conferencing has and will continue to save lives, explains Goran Lundegårdh, an experienced entrepreneur in the healthcare sector and one of Europe’s leading obesity surgeons.

Lundegårdh has now invested in Compodium through the investment network Centre Court. In total, the network and the Norrland Fund have raised 15 million SEK in venture capital funds.

–    For more than 20 years, we have delivered safe and reliable video conferencing to exacting customers in healthcare, defense, large companies and organizations. Now we are using this capital to rapidly growth both in and out of Sweden. We almost doubled sales from 9 to16 million SEK in 2016. The goal is to reach 100 million SEK by 2020, says Bengt Grahn, founder and CEO.

Framework agreements with all county councils and operational responsibility within Sjunet
Compodium already has framework agreements with all of Sweden’s county councils and operational responsibility for video infrastructure within Sjunet—a quality assured communications network with guaranteed availability, specifically designed and adapted for healthcare.

–    We offer the most complete and secure production platform, with components developed in conjunction with US defense systems. The encryption is impossible to intercept, one of several strong competitive advantages in our virtual solutions for healthcare. This platform will also contribute to the continuing development of Sweden’s strong focus on e-Health, Industry Minister Mikael Damberg emphasized the other day, says Bengt Grahn.

In Compodium digital hospital rooms, it is easy for a patient to meet their doctor, sister or someone else on the nursing staff using their computer, phone or tablet. The patient simply logs into the app or website using their BankID. There are also so-called multi-party services where doctors and patients can connect with external specialists or health care providers to get, for example, a second opinion.

Operations in Real-Time

Compodium virtual healthcare services, which use modern camera technology and a cloud-based service for live video, have also been used in a European congress for doctors in Stockholm to remotely monitor operations at Ersta Hospital. The camera technology is supplied by Olympus, the world leader in medical technology and endoscopy.

–    Our medical equipment is the hub of the operating room. Via Compodium video services, everything that happens around the patient can be shared in real-time and in a simple, efficient, safe manner, says Mattias Hyvönen, Olympus Sweden AB.

–    This technology means that we can now offer the opportunity for a larger number of participants to take part in live broadcast operations than was ever possible before. From an educational point of view, it is unbeatable, says Stefan Carlen, Director of the Department of Surgery at Ersta Hospital in Stockholm.

Partnered with FRISQ

Startup company FRISQ and Compodium have recently entered into a partnership that allows a patient to conduct video conferences with doctors through a newly developed app. Patients can use the app to order medications for themselves and their families, meet with doctors over the network and gain access to their medical records. The service is secured via mobile BankID for patients and via SITHS for healthcare professionals.

Hiring 10 new employees

Bengt Lundgren, CEO of systems integrator Conscia Netsafe, is another well-known investor in Compodium. He was previously CEO at Cygate, which grew into a multi-billion business under his leadership.

–    I look forward to a very exciting journey with Compodium. It has unique expertise and offers new, scalable cloud services with very high security and reliability, says Bengt Lundgren.

We have purchased Accessnord and their brand MyCloudOffice, a customer-friendly and fast functioning video conferencing service, which gets even better with Compodium technology at the backend. At the same time, we strengthen our sales force with highly qualified representatives with strong customer relationships and partner networks around Europe. We are also looking to hire additional sales representatives along with around ten more IT and support professionals, explained Bengt Grahn.