Compodium’s support- and sales team has received additional strengthening by Rikard Stenberg joining the Luleå office. Rikard, who has plus fifteen years experience from different e-meeting software solutions has followed the evolution within this area, initially working for Swedish Marratech, who developed their own line of e-meeting software which gained world-wide recognition.
Marratech’s product suite was after ten years acquired by Google and Rikard then proceeded to work at Google as Training Specialist until they moved their office to Stockholm. The past years he has worked for Wezupport as their support manager and will now foremost work with support and sales of software for e-meetings/virtual meetings.
-I look forward to be a part of the Compodium team and use my experience to refine our range of services, Rikard interjects.
His spare time Rikard devotes to various wilderness activities but also in the beautiful archipelago of Norrbotten. Furthermore he willingly indulges himself with cooking and his small collection of classical vehicles.