Allow me to set the scene… We’ve all had conversations with toddlers over the phone:
Daddy, daddy look at the doll!!! She can sit down.
Ah… mmm daddy can’t see right now but I will look as soon as I’m home, OK?
This is how a conversation with a toddler can sound, by the simple reason that it is perfectly natural for them to assume the one they’re talking to can see whatever they’re seeing.

When the telephone was invented many believed it would not last. One of the main objections was; it would be unnatural to not see who you’re speaking to. There is research which shows 70% of our personal communication consists of facial expressions, body language and tone of voice. If we remove 70% of our potential quality of communication the remaining can seem lacking.

The word on the street, increasing in popularity as we speak, is about replacing traditional doctor’s visits with A.I – artificial intelligence. We as patients and individuals are to enter our symptoms in an online form and a computer in the background analyses- and diagnose us.

Moreover, there is the option to complement a visit to the doctor with chat. Caregivers (entrepreneurs with millions invested in them) are chatting with multiple patients at one. Asks questions and wait for answers. You are asked to send an image of your affliction using your phone and are finally diagnosed. I can see that it is effective. Treat many patients at once, many certainly suffer from a virus or other common illness.

I have my doubts… When removing the human interaction in care I believe you as a doctor lose parameters which would have benefitted from being taken into consideration when evaluating your patient.

However, when you must prioritise your time, consider the environment and not compromise on the quality of communication, meeting your patients via video is surely the most effective solution. Video may not replace an in person meeting fully as you cannot hug your doctor or treat them to cake. On the other hand, who wants to hug their doctor, really?

To meet via chat, e-mail or letter is about almost as problematic as using messenger pigeons and hardly a viable option for the Healthcare Industry.

When you later realise your daughter’s doll was sitting in your microwave you realise the blessing of video.

Jon Strindlund
Compodium International AB

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