Bengt Grahn, CEO of Compodium, together with Business Sweden are at the Swedish Embassy in Rome to meet with the UN and other international organisations with the goal to increase Swedish trade with the UN. Compodium International AB has been selected as one of six Swedish companies who can assist international- and government organisations in their work towards a more sustainable future.

Compodium are a provider of vendor-agnostic, encrypted and authenticated video meetings who during 2019 secured a Product- and Service Long-Term Agreement with one of the largest humanitarian organisations in the world; the United Nations World Food Programme. Due to this, Compodium was invited to participate in a delegation with Business Sweden to Rome to meet with the UN and other international organisations who can benefit from Compodium’s services.

– The demand for products and services which utilises modern innovations in technology to solve global challenges is growing exponentially and Compodium is a company providing solutions to these challenges. Globalisation requires many organisations to increase their global presence whilst reducing their environmental footprint and travel due to reasons such as reducing climate impact, reduce cost or circumventing travel restrictions due to a potential pandemic (e.g. the novel coronavirus of 2019). This drives demand for secure and vendor-agnostic video meetings. Travel restrictions should never constitute a barrier for meetings. Compodium’s long experience providing services to the Healthcare- and telehealth industry has made it possible for us to create a robust platform for video meetings which cater to the requirements of availability, security and authentication which is voiced from an increasing number of organisations and companies. This is a combination of features we are fairly unique to offer the market, says Bengt Grahn, CEO of Compodium International AB

– The challenges which today’s  global organisations, corporations and NGO’s face tend to be more demanding and they increasingly need to cooperate in order to quickly identify solutions. Video meetings is the fastest and most sustainable option to quickly gain access to leading global experts. The topics discussed can be anything from how to manage aid in the event of natural disasters, aid to fugitives or viruses which risk becoming a global pandemic. The services provided by Compodium can deliver the secure communication services needed by organisations such as the UN World Food Programme. We are rarely afforded the luxury of pre-warning of what the next emergency will be or what qualifications are needed to resolve them, says Marcus Persson, project manager at Business Sweden.