Inera has performed two separate market surveys in regards to video and distance spanning meetings within county councils and regions. One of these was aimed at users of these services and the other at the decision makers.

Among the results one could deduce that more or less everybody has used video meetings and that 77 percent would like to use the service even more. It is mainly about reducing travelling and to take part of a more varied supply of meetings and educations using video meetings. This under the condition that the technology is easy to use and that the cost is kept down.

A large majority (91 percent) also beleives that the use of video meetings will increase within their operation. Many mentions that video meetings saves time and makes the health care more accessible and that they see even more fields of use for video meetings in the future.

More information regarding these surveys can be found on Inera’s website (in Swedish).

About Inera
Inera is one of several actors that works to actualize nation-wide eHelth – the strategy for accessible and secure information within health care and welfare. The goal is to support and rationalize the health care, strengthen patient positions as well as create a sound accessibility within the health care.

The company is lead by a board consisting of two politicians from respective health care branch. The CEO is responsible for the company’s operation and has a directorate for support. The turn-over for Inera during 2013 was just over 300 million SEK.