By Amit Walia, EVP Managing Partner at Compodium

Wednesday 16th October marked the launch of our Vidicue platform. Since then, demand has been accelerating at a rate far faster than anything we at Compodium had anticipated.

Putting it into context, we know the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we communicate, with research by Ofcom showing that adults are now spending over four hours per day online. And during lockdown, the number of people making video calls doubled.

Research by Forbes shows us organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the value video communication brings to colleagues, as they become more dispersed and in-person interactions increasingly less practical.

Security concerns go hand in hand with video communications, particularly where children are involved, which is why more and more people are turning to Vidicue to solve this issue for them.

Our Vidicue platform is highly secure, as all users have to authenticate before they’re admitted to a meeting, providing a double layer of trust.

Our partners are finding that more and more customers are requesting Vidicue’s military grade security level to protect users and organisations. In fact, Ofcom’s research found that nearly two thirds (57%) of adults support improved regulation of video-sharing platforms.

Vidicue’s inbuilt security features mitigate the potential for data and GDPR breaches, bringing reassurance to organisations and their employees.

I think that explains why we’re seeing such an upsurge in interest for Vidicue. So far, our customers are delighted with the service they’re receiving from Compodium, particularly the customisable and scalable nature of our solution.

As we head into the winter, we’re envisaging that changes to our ways of working will become more embedded, with many people continuing to work remotely.

With Vidicue, we’re continuing to drive innovation to bring our customers cutting-edge technology, highly secure with an optimised excellent user experience.

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