—I have calculated that we saved a million Swedish kronor, says Sven Hyllienmark, project manager at the National Psychiatric centers in Västerbotten. He got hold of a star lecturer at Skellefteå, wanted the lecture to reach more people including those working in Lapland. But to let every one travel to the lecture would be too expensive.
The solution was to let Compodium arrange a distributed event of the entire lecture. This allowed an additional 50 employees to take part of the star lecturer.
—This is well worth repeating, says Sven Hyllienmark who is very pleased with the results. Fifty instead of five makes a big difference. When he brings out the calculator and checks he thinks it would have costed about a million swedish kronor to take all to Skelleftea – travel cost, travel time and labor time included. Now it was much cheaper.
In a theater in Lycksele an audience could see and interact with the lecturer. The seminar was also received via broadband to two locations in Umeå.