Compodium Go Global Support

Our support program consists of three main services which can be used in any combination. They ensure our customers get the absolute most out of their video conferencing deployment whilst keeping time for implementation and adoption as short as possible.

Compodium Go Migration services

Compodium Go Migration Services enables organizations to migrate into new technology seamlessly. With dedicated resources to plan, execute and validate the implementation we alleviate pressure from local IT resources. Our Migration services are available as a package or on an á la carte basis with Migration Management, Implementation Service and Endpoint Migration Service.

Compodium Go Adoption Services

Compodium Go Adoption Services works together with your key stakeholders to get a thorough understanding of your collaboration- and meeting culture. We then work with you to set and adopt new, measurable, policies and frameworks which drive an increase in collaboration and a higher utilisation of your collaboration investment, resulting in a decrease of Co2 emissions, travel time and cost.

Compodium Go Platinum services

Compodium Go Platinum Services is a service package which ensures you as our customer continuously receive the most value from your Compodium services. The service package consists of a Project Manager, Account Manager, Vendor Certified Technicians and more.