Your virtual health room

Compodium has 20 years of experience in quality video solutions for health care and has created the market’s most complete and secure production platform. We already have 400 virtual health rooms in use all over Sweden, with more than 1200 hours of video meetings every day. The picture and sound of these video meetings are always of highest quality, and the encryption used provides the highest level of security that is impossible to intercept. Your virtual health room is not only safe and easy to use, you and your patients can be completely confident that the personal information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security. Compodium Medical is supplied as a service, which means that you avoid high investment costs.

Safety and security for healthcare providers

Compodium already has framework agreements with all of Sweden’s county councils and operational responsibility for video infrastructure within Sjunet — a quality assured communications network with guaranteed availability, specifically designed and adapted for healthcare. Sjunet has guaranteed availability and Compodium videoconferencing is mostly used for monitoring operations in real-time. This means that our video solutions work in all contexts and with all contacts among private and public healthcare providers, and we are constantly developing our platform for more current and future e-health services.

Safety and security for patients

With Compodium Medical, it is very easy for your patients to meet their doctor, nurse or another healthcare staff using computers, phones or tablets. The patient logs in using their BankID via your app or website. Using our smart multi-party services, we can connect language interpreters, family healthcare planning, and external specialists, if the doctor wants a second opinion. This increases security and patient safety in healthcare

The virtual health room

Compodium Medical is a safe and secure video service that makes it easy and user-friendly for a patient to meet with their doctor or nurse from a distance.

The patient

The patient logs in using their BankID and waits safely and securely for their doctor in a digital waiting room

The healthcare provider

The healthcare provider logs into their portal with their SITHS or BankID, then selects their patient. This creates a virtual health room where patients and healthcare providers can see and hear each other.