Your Secure Digital Meeting Room

Compodium International AB has for over 20 years, together with our extended partners, delivered secure and reliable video meetings to customers in health care, banking & finance, legal, government agencies as well as global SMB markets. Our robust production platform manages 1200 hours of video conferencing meetings per day. The picture and audio quality in the video meetings are of the highest quality and the encryption algorithm on each call makes it impossible for the call to be intercepted.

To assist on the Return on Investment (ROI) and improve the efficiency of medical consultation, your Secure Video Room is delivered as a managed service which avoids high investment CAPEX expenditure.

How it works?

Compodium’s Secure Video Meeting Service is a flexible service which delivers first-rate picture and audio quality to professionals, even in areas with lower bandwidth. This enables you to participate in important meetings or trainings on the go.

Digital Meeting Room

Compodium Secure is a straightforward and secure digital meeting service which enables two or more participants to meet from their preferred device and location (e.g. smartphone & home).

First-rate Security

For meetings where you cannot compromise on security, each participant will be prompted to authenticate themselves using BankID. The Secure Video Meeting Room follows industry security protocols such as BankID, AES-128, SSL and TLS.

BankID and Virtual Waiting Room

Compodium Secure enables companies to meet on both a B2B and B2C platform. In case you have a meeting with participants joining at different times, we set up a Video Waiting Room where the participants land before they are allowed into the conference at a suitable time.