Service status


All traffic is now re-routed an all of our services have started up.

If you want more information, please contact our support at or call at +46 8 241201. Since we are heavaly loaded as of now, we recommend that you use email for this.

2019-11-20 kl 14:30
All traffic is now re-routed an all of our services have started up, we are double checking that everything works as it should.

2019-11-20 kl 13:55
We recieved notice of estimated time fo repair to 1 hour. Times are no guarantee at this point.

2019-11-20 kl 12:30
Works are beeing done to re-route all traffic to solve the issue. Engineers are on route and working on the issue.

2019-11-20 kl 11:35
ISP has escalated this to the highest level, they confirm issues in almost the whole of Sweden. There are a lot of ISP’s affected by this issue and everyone is in the hands of their supplier. Sadly no timeline on when the issue can be fixed.

2019-11-20 kl 11:15
Still no timeline when the issue can be fixed, worst case scenario is end of day.

2019-11-20 kl 10:35
IPS’s confirm issues with one of the suppliers, causing issues for a lot of different ISP’s in Sweden. No timeline presented.

2019-11-20 kl 10:00
Confirmed issues with IPS’s, their services are down.

2019-11-20 kl 09:00
Confirms that all services are down

2019-11-20 kl 08:35
Alarms of service issues