Vitalis 2016

When Inera, together with SKL, Socialstyrelsen and eHälsomyndigheten represented at the Vitalis fair earlier this month, Compodium once again was there to document it all. Three days of interesting talks about eHealth issues generated a collection of videos that you can find at (Most of them are in Swedish).
Three recommended views are;
Ny eHälsovision, men vad händer nu?
(the third video from Tuesday the 5th)
Vård på distans – ett verktyg för effektivare vård
(the third video from Wednesday the 6th)
Smartare äldreomsorg – så tar vi vara på digitaliseringens möjligheter
(the last video from Thursday the 7th)

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Video on SJUNET get support for Lync

Compodium has been awarded a contract to expand the current “National Multiparty” service to include seamless connectivity between traditional video conferencing services and Lync.

Compodium operates since many years national video services on SJUNET, the internal IT infrastructure used by Swedish healthcare providers. The use of video in the care is increasing rapidly every year and a number of county councils are now introducing Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business) for administrative videoconferencing between employees. However, the video technology behind Lync is not compatible with existing video conferencing systems being used for video meetings and telemedicine. As a result Compodium has upgraded the “National Multiparty” service for efficient interconnectivity between relevant video systems. The solution is since the middle of June in service and available for all SJUNET users.

The contract was awarded to Compodium by Inera AB, a company jointly owned by all the county councils and regions in Sweden. Inera is currently responsible for some 50 national projects and services within national health care and is providing support to all county councils and regions in their ambition to integrate defined services into the regular operations.

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Inera AB extends video management agreement with Compodium

Inera AB (the joint coordinator for e-health work in the county councils and regions) signs an extension agreement for 2015 with Compodium that covers continued management of the nation wide video services on Sjunet (the internal health care computer network).
Compodium’s video services are provided to all health care providers and suppliers that frequent Sjunet and are being used for administrative meetings, clinical telemedicine, home nursing and education.
The usage of video conferences and virtual meetings within the health care system are increasing with more than 20% annually and has developed from being a test and pilote operation to be an integrated part of the health care providers patient care.
Meeting services from Compodium are based upon the very latest mobile video technology wich makes it possible to leave the fixed video conferencing rooms and meet using smart phones, tablets and computers.
The heath care can now meet and treat patients in their homes and the patients relatives can, no matter where they live, be engaged and the the health care can be performed efficiently and with increased quality.
Compodium, a pioneer in Video meetings since 1997, has it’s headquarter in Luleå Sweden and sales offices in Stockholm Sweden and in North Carolina, USA.

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Compodium moderates and broadcasts Ineras conference on virtual care and meetings

Inera and responsible organizers at Uppsala University Hospital is arranging an information day regarding virtual care and meetings Thursday October 16.

Compodium is taking care of the broadcast from the event via our Web TV server between 09:00 and 15:45. There will also be recordings available afterwards.

Bengt Grahn, CEO at Compodium, will moderate the event.

More information can be found on Ineras web site.

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Market surveys shows a large demand for video meetings

Inera has performed two separate market surveys in regards to video and distance spanning meetings within county councils and regions. One of these was aimed at users of these services and the other at the decision makers.

Among the results one could deduce that more or less everybody has used video meetings and that 77 percent would like to use the service even more. It is mainly about reducing travelling and to take part of a more varied supply of meetings and educations using video meetings. This under the condition that the technology is easy to use and that the cost is kept down.

A large majority (91 percent) also beleives that the use of video meetings will increase within their operation. Many mentions that video meetings saves time and makes the health care more accessible and that they see even more fields of use for video meetings in the future.

More information regarding these surveys can be found on Inera’s website (in Swedish).

About Inera
Inera is one of several actors that works to actualize nation-wide eHelth – the strategy for accessible and secure information within health care and welfare. The goal is to support and rationalize the health care, strengthen patient positions as well as create a sound accessibility within the health care.

The company is lead by a board consisting of two politicians from respective health care branch. The CEO is responsible for the company’s operation and has a directorate for support. The turn-over for Inera during 2013 was just over 300 million SEK.

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Satisfied Inera extends contract

—When Compodium delivers it works great, with high quality, and always available.
Those are the words of Emma Enström , responsible for video and remote meetings at Inera, expressing her continued confidence in Compodium International AB. The contract with Inera is now extended for another year, until December 31st, 2013.
Inera, owned by the Swedish county councils, with the task of supporting collaboration of all national eHealth efforts, and amongst other things providing video and remote meeting services allowing county councils to connect and communicate. Compodium has been involved in the delivery of the infrastructure for the past four years, and has now extended the contract for another year.
—The basic services works well, are always available, and secure. These services should be as obvious as it is to get power in an ordinary power outlet, says Bengt Grahn, Managing Director at Compodium.
Emma Enström at Inera confirms that the service works great:
—Not having had any serious incidents in all those years is an excellent achievement. As the technology has improved and is always available, county councils health and care organizations are now integrating video in its day to day operation. The number of video conferences between the county councils has almost doubled in the past year.
Something that probably influenced the significant increase was the two pilots that were conducted in 2012, aiming to evaluate opportunities for nationwide coordination of larger events with more than two participants. And successful examples of how to use the services within clinical operation increases all the time. One such project is “Gertrude” – a nationwide video network for medical staff working in the field of child cardiology that allows multiple experts to simultaneously study and discuss images and movements of children’s hearts.
—The service makes it possible to cross both geographic and organizational boundaries, says Emma Enström.
She can see the unbelievable potential of what video conferencing can do for health care, both in clinical as well as administrative operations:
—I think these services will help us utilize existing resources in the care much better going forward.
She however stresses the importance of not forcing the usage of video conferencing:
—The physicians must see by themselves how video services can be integrated in their own processes and procedures. The use of video can improve their efficiency, but anyone using it must first understand the benefits.
When you’re ready to try, there is a great infrastructure ready for you.

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