Gotland goes virtual

Compodium has received the trust to deliver services for a video infrastructure that will enable publically financed operations to work more efficient and in a long-term sustainable manner. There are widespread operations on the island in many localities which means travel and “time thief’s” for the staff, with the possibility to work online and virtual they will see further cooperation, reduce travel and increase quality.

The health centers in the smaller districts can now be coordinated with the central operation at Visby hospital. The schools on the island also receives possibilities to interoperate and support each other both within adiministration but also with their pedagogical mission – the island simply becomes “smaller”.

Increased interaction with parties on the mainland, the possibility to use online meetings and conferences, will also be possible by means of this investment.
-This is really exiting, says Curt Andersson, System Intendant at the Health Care Administration, Region Gotland.

-We see a great potential by providing sound IT services like these, not only within the health care system but also for all municipal operations, he continues.

Region Gotland
The province Gotland constitutes of a single municipality that as of January 2011 is called Region Gotland. There is no county council on the island but instead Region Gotland is responsible both for primary municipal functions as well as county council operations like health care and public transportation. Even the regional development responsibility lies on Region Gotland. The region has 57300 inhabitants whereof just over half lives outside the regional center of Visby.