Video on SJUNET get support for Lync

Compodium has been awarded a contract to expand the current “National Multiparty” service to include seamless connectivity between traditional video conferencing services and Lync.

Compodium operates since many years national video services on SJUNET, the internal IT infrastructure used by Swedish healthcare providers. The use of video in the care is increasing rapidly every year and a number of county councils are now introducing Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business) for administrative videoconferencing between employees. However, the video technology behind Lync is not compatible with existing video conferencing systems being used for video meetings and telemedicine. As a result Compodium has upgraded the “National Multiparty” service for efficient interconnectivity between relevant video systems. The solution is since the middle of June in service and available for all SJUNET users.

The contract was awarded to Compodium by Inera AB, a company jointly owned by all the county councils and regions in Sweden. Inera is currently responsible for some 50 national projects and services within national health care and is providing support to all county councils and regions in their ambition to integrate defined services into the regular operations.

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Inera AB extends video management agreement with Compodium

Inera AB (the joint coordinator for e-health work in the county councils and regions) signs an extension agreement for 2015 with Compodium that covers continued management of the nation wide video services on Sjunet (the internal health care computer network).
Compodium’s video services are provided to all health care providers and suppliers that frequent Sjunet and are being used for administrative meetings, clinical telemedicine, home nursing and education.
The usage of video conferences and virtual meetings within the health care system are increasing with more than 20% annually and has developed from being a test and pilote operation to be an integrated part of the health care providers patient care.
Meeting services from Compodium are based upon the very latest mobile video technology wich makes it possible to leave the fixed video conferencing rooms and meet using smart phones, tablets and computers.
The heath care can now meet and treat patients in their homes and the patients relatives can, no matter where they live, be engaged and the the health care can be performed efficiently and with increased quality.
Compodium, a pioneer in Video meetings since 1997, has it’s headquarter in Luleå Sweden and sales offices in Stockholm Sweden and in North Carolina, USA.

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Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology renews agreement with Compodium

Compodium has received renewed trust to manage communication services for the Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology, KMC in Linköping Sweden, the County Council of Östergötland.

The technical solution from Compodium makes it possible to gather participants to different catastrophe and coordination excercises where you either participate in person at KMC in Linköping or at distance from your own organization, county council or region.

The cooperation means that Compodium supplies a central switchboard functionality for IP telephony on SJUNET, the Swedish Health Care Network. This custom designed switchboard communicates partly with KMC’s large number of portable IP telephones as well as parties on the public telephone network. The system is set up before each session to meet the customers and the training managements scenarios.
-We are very pleased for this meaningful mission to provide smart modern technology that rationalizes and enables important training sessions, says Bengt Grahn, CEO of Compodium. -Furthermore, these meetings take place in tune with the customers environmental and climate objectives.

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