Compodium now continues this years seminar series in regards to practical usage of video conferencing.
Thursday April 10 at 09:00 (9 AM), and for about an hour onwards.
We visit the county council of Jönköping, Sweden, where guests from surgery and logopedics will participate and give evidence on how their usage of video within the healthcare system has become an unsurpassed success story.
You can easily follow the live broadcast (in Swedish) on between 09:00 until 10:00 (9 AM until 10 AM local Swedish time). Afterwards we will publish a recording on the same web site.

If you would like to participate actively you should apply via e-mail in advance on as we only have a limited number of spaces for video conference participants.
And after that?
We will run the next part in this series on June 12, again at same time 9:00 (9 AM local Swedish time).