Integrate secure digital video meetings

Embed secure video meetings in your product, app, or customer journey and enable the sharing of confidential information. Compodium Embedded makes it easier and safer to meet your customers.

Why Compodium Embedded

Simple, flexible, and completely secure

Secure. Safe. And Compliant.

Can your customers feel safe sharing their personal information with you—really? Ensuring GDPR compliance isn't always fun. But not doing it can be a hundred times worse. Compodium Embedded allows you to share confidential information and comply with regulatory requirements while offering your customers a smooth journey.

  • GDPR-compliant
  • All information is stored in Sweden
  • All information is encrypted

Flexibility is freedom

Adapt the product to your needs and choose the features that suit you and your customers. We constantly develop new functionality that you can turn on and off with simple API calls.

Save time and money

Get started in no time! With our quick implementation guide, you can quickly get started. Add a few lines of code using our documentation.


Customize the product to fit your needs


Chat in the meeting! All chats are deleted after the meeting.

Screen Sharing

Share screen or content directly in the meeting.

Raise Hand

Signal that you have something to say without interrupting.

Pin Participants

Pin another participant to always see them in the picture, for example, an interpreter.

Visual Effects

Blur your background, choose a background from our library, or upload your own image.


All communication is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring no unauthorized access to the information.


The API supports waiting room functionality, a digital waiting room where guests wait for the video meeting to start.

+100 Participants

Have up to 100 participants in the meeting at the same time.


Convert audio into text.

Call Recording

Record the meeting.

Many more

Customize your secure video meeting

Add a few lines of code and get a unique product tailored to your needs.

Customize your own video meeting by easily removing or adding features and adapting how you meet your customers.

How does it work?

Integrate secure video meetings into your product, app, or website with just a few simple steps.


Get API keys

Fill out the form to get your API keys.


Review the documentation

Review the documentation and see which features fit your business.


Add some code

Build your own customized video meeting in no time.


Invite customers

Offer your customers secure video meetings anywhere, anytime!

Get API keys

Secure video meetings don't have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. Get your API keys and start your journey towards a safer and smoother customer experience.

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