Smarter Communication with Secure Messaging

Send messages and share sensitive information without worrying about data breaches. Discover how Compodium's secure messaging can enhance your security and efficiency.

Send messages with sensitive information internally, to other companies, or to individuals.

All Users are Authenticated

All users are authenticated to ensure that the right individuals access the information. You can choose the authentication methods you want to use, such as BankID, Freja eID, SITHS card, or SMS code.

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Choose Between Storage in Swedish Cloud or On-Premises

Compodium's secure messaging is offered both as a Swedish cloud service and as an on-premises installation at your location.

Our cloud services are set up in Swedish georedundant data centers to ensure high availability, security, and reduce the carbon footprint of our services. No information leaves Sweden or is shared with unauthorized parties.

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All Information is End-to-End Encrypted

All communication is encrypted both at rest and in transit, ensuring that no unauthorized person can access the information.

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Recall Messages, Read Receipts, and Automatic Deletion.

You decide how long old messages should be stored before they are automatically deleted with automatic purging. The sender can see if messages are opened with read receipts, and if a message is sent in error, it can be recalled.

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Send SDK Messages

SDK, Secure Digital Communication, is a government project created for municipalities, regions, and authorities to exchange sensitive and classified information digitally in a safe, simple, and secure manner.

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How Does It Work?

Send a secure message internally, to other companies, or to individuals.


Log In and Authenticate Yourself

You decide which authentication methods to offer.


Write your message and send

Write a message just like in your regular email solution.


Recipient receives notification

The recipient receives a notification via email and authenticates themselves to open the message in the browser.


Continue communicating

A user is automatically created for the recipient, and a dialogue can continue.

TDialog has addressed our immediate needs for secure communication, both to our citizens and with other authorities, and moreover, in an admirably straightforward manner.

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  • GDPR-compliant
  • All information is stored in Sweden
  • All information is encrypted
  • Smoother collaborations

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