Meet seamlessly and securely. Wherever you want. Whenever you want.

The easiest way to meet. No app or download required. Simply send a meeting link to whoever you want to meet with, meet safely now or later. Guests join the meeting with just one click without the need to log in.

Have your video meetings in the browser, regardless of your device.

We want to make it easy to do the right thing. Compodium Meet is the simplest way to meet digitally, securely, and quickly.

  • No app or download - just a meeting link
  • SSwedish cloud and GDPR compliant
  • User-friendly design
  • Option for integration with other collaboration tools
  • No guest login requirement
  • Safe and secure
  • Executive rooms

A Swedish cloud service

All of Compodium's products are fully operated in a Swedish cloud, focusing on high availability, security, and a reduced carbon footprint.

All of Compodium's products are fully operated in a Swedish cloud, focusing on high availability, security, and a reduced carbon footprint.


Customize according to your needs


Chat during the meeting! All chats are deleted after the meeting ends.

Screen Sharing

Share screen or content directly in the meeting.

Raise Hand

Show others that you have something to say without interrupting.

Pin Participants

Pin another participant to always see them on screen, such as an interpreter.

Visual Effects

Blur your background, choose a background from our library, or upload your own image.


All communication is end-to-end encrypted so that no unauthorized party can access the information.


The API supports lobby functionality, a digital waiting room where guests wait for the video meeting to start.

+100 Participants

Have up to 100 participants simultaneously in the meeting.


Convert audio into text.

Call Recording

Record the meeting.

Many more

How does it work?

This is how quickly you can create an account and start a meeting today


Register a Compodium account

The service is used directly in the browser. No downloads, no hassle.


Start a meeting

Copy the invitation link and start the meeting.


Send the link to anyone

The person you want to meet with clicks the link and joins the meeting directly.


The meeting can begin!

An encrypted video call can be conducted. We collect as little information as possible about the meeting.

Our most common questions
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With Compodium Meet, we aim to provide businesses and organizations with a simple way to have secure video meetings whenever you and your colleagues need to connect. We understand that not all meetings require a digital waiting room or authentication for all participants (hint Vidicue) - sometimes you just need to meet quickly and easily. We want you to focus on what you do best - and we want it to be easy to do it securely. That's why we've developed Compodium Meet. You send a meeting link to the person you want to meet with, they join the meeting, and your participants can enter the meeting directly by clicking the link (of course, you can choose to approve each person before they join). No hassle, no downloads, and no login requirements for meeting participants. It couldn't be simpler. All of Compodium's video meetings and data are managed and hosted in Sweden - and we do everything to keep you and your data secure.

Compodium Meet is tailored to be used by a team, organization, or company - but can certainly be used by individuals as well.

You create a Compodium Workspace for your organization, then you can add team members and other individuals from your organization who can also start meetings, save recordings, and transcribe meetings.

You can also assign different permissions to team members, such as user or admin.

Compodium's vision is to promote digital productivity in a secure manner - naturally.

In all our pricing plans, the price is based on the number of team members - so you never have to worry about meetings costing. This also makes the price predictable every month for your organization. If you use Compodium Free, we provide each team member with 120 free meeting minutes per month.

It's easy (and free!) to get started with Compodium Meet.

The first thing you need to do is create an account and verify your email address. Then, you create a workspace for your organization, and you're ready to have your first meeting!

If you need help, we have an introductory guide available here. här

Yes, we offer a pricing plan for 0 SEK/month. It provides you with 120 meeting minutes per month. We also offer a free trial on all our pricing plans.

Compodium Meet is developed by a Swedish company where all products are fully operated in Sweden and are naturally GDPR-compliant.

No, you and your meeting guests connect directly to the meeting in the browser, and the meeting can be conducted from any device without any app (internet connection required, of course!).

Yes. Our vision is to save as little data as possible. The data we save is handled entirely within GDPR regulations, and you can be sure that nothing leaves Sweden.

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