Secure, encrypted
and authenticated
video calls for
trusted conversations.



Secure, encrypted

and authenticated

video calls for

trusted conversations.

Securing the connection

Organisations across the globe are seeking a secure and trusted video communications solution. They need a service where colleagues and customers are verified and authenticated as they join online calls. We designed Vidicue to fulfill that need.

Vidicue provides end to end encryption, making it an assured choice for organisations needing to communicate information securely between users, uphold trust, meet expectations and seamless connectivity.

Vidicue offers a complete online video meeting platform which will manage all your meetings in a very secure and verified way, addressing organisational concerns such as data privacy (GDPR).



Scalable, flexible and customisable - the Vidicue platform takes control of your call flow through virtual lobbies and waiting rooms.


In an age where data breaches result in hefty fines and a loss of trust; Vidicue mitigates these risks through advanced end-to-end encryption.


Our online authentication process reassures participants that all members of the meeting are legitimate and meant to be there.

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Global authentication methods 

How can you make sure that you are talking with the right person?

Vidicue supports a variety of digital authentication methods

– including BankID – to verify the authenticity of the person you

have a meeting with.

More about available authentication methods

Vidicue on-demand webinar 

Ensure prevention of identity fraud in video calls with secure authentication

With Vidicue, the identity of every video call participant – whether that’s a doctor, patient, carer, interpreter, customer service advisor, or corporate board member – is fully authenticated before the video call is initiated, using a variety of digital authentication methods including BankID.

Vidicue is a platform suitable for all verticals, in particular regulated industries such as Government, Corporate Enterprises, Finance, Legal and Healthcare. The solution offers very high levels of security and addresses identity fraud.

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Our customer stories

sodertalje kommun

Södertälje municipality maintains operations with secure and confidential video meetings

Simon Lindgren, IT Strategist, Södertälje municipality in Stockholm, explains how Vidicue is transforming the way colleagues are communicating securely, reducing travel time & costs and enhancing service quality.

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